The Webb Schools

PLANNING: Campus/Land Use Planning

The Webb Schools is the collective name for two private college preparatory schools, a boys school and a girls school, located in Claremont, California. The majority of ninth- and tenth-grade classes are taught in a single sex environment and co-educational courses are introduced after the first two years. The schools' 70 acres sit on a heavily planted hillside and is the only high school in the United States with a nationally accredited museum, and the only high school in the world with a paleontology museum on campus.

PLANNING: Campus/Land Use Planning
Serves as the Campus Architect in all aspects of planning, design and implementation oversight for the past fifteen years. Developed a new campus plan, which has been successfully implemented through the completion of numerous renovation projects, several new facilities and new main entry drive and plaza.

PLANNING: Facility Analyses
In collaboration with faculty and senior administration, our facilities planning team (RMA & Searock Stafford) is completing a detailed assessment of both the condition and utilization of the current facilities in comparison with the predicted future program needs of the Schools. In addition, an overall infrastructure assessment and master plan are underway with our team (INTEGRAL & Searock Stafford), which will lead to a more sustainable campus future.

DESIGN: Owner’s Representative
Oversees and guides all major capital projects, including architecture, historic preservation and landscape to assure a comprehensive campus-related outcome.