Title Writer Issue Date Media Source  
Easy Does It: Laser Systems Monitor Delicate Work on Rotunda Staff Winter 2014 UVA Magazine
New Cabell Is New Again Staff Winter 2014 UVA Magazine
UVA Architect to Step Down After 11-year Tenure Staff August 12, 2014 Washington Post
It's a Great Piece of American History Susan Svrluga July 26, 2014 Washington Post
After Four Years, Facelift Complete at ‘Workhorse’ New Cabell Hall Matt Kelly August 20, 2014 UVA Today
On a thickly overgrown slope in Hong Kong, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien create a journey through time and space for the Asia Society Suzanne Stephens June 2013 Architectural Record
U.Va. Inks ‘Alcala’ Pact with Fellow World Heritage Sites Matt Kelly June 20, 2013 UVA Today
State Funding Boosts Plans for Second Phase of Rotunda Renovations Lorenzo Perez June 3, 2013 UVA Today
At Earth Expo, University Outlines Sustainability, Nitrogen and Carbon Reduction Efforts Matt Kelly April 25, 2013 UVA Today
Nitrogen Footprint Takes Center Stage at Earth Week’s Feature Event Matt Kelly April 18, 2013 UVA Today
University of Virginia Receives Crystal Award for Sustainability Matt Kelly January 31, 2013 UVA Today
A World Heritage Site, U.Va. Stays Historic, Modern and in Use Daily Matt Kelly December 14, 2012 UVA Today
U.Va. Architect: ‘Jeffersonian Grounds’ Restoration Would Be a First Marian Anderfuren October 19, 2012 UVA Today
Historic Presevation Colloquium Explores Future of Uva.' Academical Village Jane Ford April 11, 2011 UVA Today
“2012 VSAIA Honors and Awards” Staff 2012: Number 6, 2013: Number 1 InForm: Architecture & Design in the Mid-Atlantic
 “Saving the Rotunda” Ned Oldham Winter 2012 Virginia
“Architecure in Concert” Craig Lambert Sept - Oct. 2012 Harvard Magazine
“Up On The Roof: The First Phase of   Rotunda Project Well Under Way" Mary Carlson Fall 2012 Envision
“An Ordered Approach”  Kevin W. Sloan January 2012 Texas Architect
“Pavilion IX Restored Using Environmentally Responsible Standards, and Largely by UVA tradesmen” Matt Kelly Oct. 5, 2011 UVA Today
“UVa aims to cut greenhouse emissions 25 percent by 2025” Ted Strong June 11, 2011 The Daily Progress
“Emily Couric Cancer Center” Staff April 2011 Architectural Record
“Extending Jefferson’s Vision” Peter DiMaggio April 2011 Civil Engineering
“Dispelling the Cost Myth” Guy Esberg Winter 2010 High Performance Buildings
“Looking Ahead, Board Prepares to Debate Academical Village Restoration” Staff Nov. 1, 2010 UVA Today
“Hard Hat Zone” Staff Fall 2010 Virginia
“Going South, but where’s the Lawn?” Dave McNair Sept. 30, 2010 The Hook
“World’s Most Beautiful College Campuses” Pascale Le Draoulec Sept. 8, 2010
 “2012 VSAIA Honors and Awards” Staff July 2nd, 2010 UVA Today
This Old Academical Village: Preserving A National Treasure Robert Viccellio, Emma Rathbone Spring 2009 Virginia
“UVA Buildings Have Noteworthy Cousin” William Richards 2009: Number V InForm: Architecture + Design in the Mid-Atlantic
"South Lawn Project ‘Right on Track’”?” Brian McNeill September 30, 2007 The Daily Progress
“Blue, Orange and Green?” Lee Graves Winter, 2007 Virginia Magazine
“Community Briefed on Greener Grounds” Matt Kelly July 13, 2007 Inside UVA
UVA touts its commitment to environmental initiatives” Lindsey Wagner June 22, 2007 The Daily Progress
“Honoring the Past” Matt Kelly April 2007 Arts & Sciences Quarterly
“Greener Grounds” Staff Report March 16, 2007 Inside UVA
“City, County seek answers on UVA Growth” Will Goldsmith February 20, 2007 C-VILLE Weekly
“UCI’s grand designs” February 13, 2007 Orange County Register
“Arts Gateway, green design: key topics of BOV meeting” Matt Kelly February 2, 2007 Inside UVA
"Cover: Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C. - Platinum LEED” Robert Ivy, Ed January 2007          GreenSource Magazine
“Neuman Speaks to ‘Green’ Students” Will Goldsmith October 24-October 30, 2006 C-VILLE Weekly
“Tiny Modern Nod” Dave McNair October 19-October 24, 2006 C-VILLE  Weekly
“BOV Approves New Cancer Care Center” Meg McEvoy August 1-August 7, 2006 C-VILLE Weekly
Office of the Architect Goes Sustainable” Katherine Ludwig July 18 - July 24, 2006 C-VILLE Weekly
The South Lawn Project” Jeff Hanna July 2006 Arts & Sciences Quarterly
“Expanding on Jefferson” Adam Goodheart May 21, 2006 New York Times Magazine
 “UVA, neighbors work together on Lawn” Melanie Mayhew May 14, 2006 The Daily Progress
“UVA Unveils Its Vast New Lawn” Melanie Mayhew April 7, 2007 The Daily Progress
“University Architect Builds on Legacy - Head Grounds Keeper” Jane Ford Winter, 2005 Virginia Magazine
“A Conversation with David Neuman” Vernon Mays 2005: number three Inform: Architecture +& Design in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Campus planning is breaking new ground Nancy Levinson August 2004 Architectural Record
“Big Man on Campus: UVA’a new architect wants his buildings to teach a lesson” John Borgmeyer June 2004 C-VILLE Weekly
ARTISTIC GROUNDS - The University of Virginia plans a daring new arts precinct Franklin Edgerton Martin March 2004 Landscape Architecture
In the Clark Center, the task for Foster and Partners and MBT was no less than to redefine the way interdisciplinary research is done Lisa Findley February 2004 Architectural Record
“Simply the best / Stanford's Clark Center expertly blends traditional, modern design” John King October 13, 2003 SF Gate
“Not Easy Being Green” Brian Eule February/March, 2003 Stanford
“Back to School” S. Claire Conroy January/February, 2003 Residential Architect
“The SWA Group Recent Projects” Peter Walker, ed. 1st Quarter, 2003 Land Forum 14
“He Changed the Landscape” Raymond Hordie January/February, 2003 Stanford
“Versatile Walls Put Learning First at Stanford Center” Alan Hess December 1, 2002 San Jose Mercury News
“Imaginative Field Station at Stanford Avoids Clichés” Alan Hess August 25, 2002 San Jose Mercury
“Solar Protection in Norman Foster’s Hands Creates an Elegant Gathering Place for Scientists at Stanford University’s New Center for Clinical Sciences.” Lisa Findley June 2001 Architectural Record
“Design Notebook: Old University Incubates Tomorrow’s Architecture” Alastair Gordon April 26, 2001 The New York Times
“A Commuter’s Dream: $200 Million Plan to Transform Palo Alto’s Caltrain Depot into ‘Grand Central Station of the West’” Marv Snow February 7, 2001 Palo Alto Weekly
“Dazzling Design, at a Price” Scott Carlson January 26, 2001 The Chronicle for Higher Education
“Courtyard Theme Nurtures University Community” Alan Hess January 7, 2001 San Jose Mercury News
“Chaos and Community: A Silicon Valley Aesthetic” Aaron Betsky Winter, 2000 Architecture California
“Hands in Prayer, and Eye on God” House & Home November 23, 2000 The New York Times
“Complete Competition Projects Tell the Story” G. Stanley Collyer, ed. Spring 2000 Competitions
“Diocese considers building new cathedral” Monica Clark February 21, 2000 The Catholic Voice