Neu Campus Planning, Inc. utilizes a unique Neu 360 Planning approach and perspective in its strategic engagement in consulting with a wide variety of institutional clients ranging from leading schools and colleges, to governmental agencies, to non-governmental organizations, to corporations, to large research universities and to academic medical centers. The firm has a strategic alliance with the Architectural Resources Group (ARG), with offices in Los Angeles, Portland and San Francisco. In addition, Neu teams with leading-edge architects, landscape architects and engineers on a wide variety of campus-based, sustainability-oriented projects and plans.

Neu 360° Planning is distinctive in its deep and strategic collaboration with clients, consulting partners and other stakeholders to enable creative solutions to the unprecedented challenges facing today’s institutional physical planning realm. Neu 360° Planning  is unique in that it provides a critical perspective linked to a carefully constructed process leading to an implementable plan with results that are visionary, environmentally-sound, context-sensitive, deeply-resilient and  value-conscious.

Perspective:  The Neu team includes extensive experience in senior planning positions at top-ranked institutions and in major entitlement efforts involving significant community outreach with a client-centered  focus.   Neu advises prominent clientele and collaborates with recognized architecture, landscape and engineering firms with a sustainably-centered focus.  Neu is committed to the future with current interests in biophilia, broad-spectrum resiliency and net-zero carbon footprint; as a research-centered focus.   

Process:  The Neu process incorporates the refinement of the client’s planning objectives through a mutually-created stakeholder engagement schedule of activities; the analyses of current conditions, ranging from physical/atmospheric to infrastructure/transportation; and the assessment of implementability, including logistics, phasing and life cycle cost models.  Comprehensive feedback to the client and other designated stakeholders is paramount.

Plan:  The Neu collaboration results in a plan that is comprehensive in its documentation of both the current context and future aspirations; doable as the pathway to the future with tactics to achieve its objectives; and flexible in that it  is is adaptable to evolving circumstances.

Neu 360° Planning is a well-proven path to guide future decision making and resulting success.


David J. Neuman, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C
Founding Principal | Neu Campus Planning
714 Spring Street
Sausalito, CA 94965
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