San Francisco State University

2017 Physical Plan Update

Campus/Land Use Planning

NCP, in collaboration with the SWA Group, developed the San Francisco State University physical plan update which will be the central element of a new comprehensive campus master plan. The plan supports students of all backgrounds, ethnicities and orientations to succeed; that encourages members of the community to become engaged in life-long learning; and that provides faculty and staff with the appropriate setting to accomplish their long-term objectives.

The team also worked in tandem with an infrastructure team lead by Sherwood Design Engineers and a transportation team lead by ARUP. The plan helped SFSU’s Planning Office in achieving the University’s strategic objectives; and ensuring that SFSU’s commitments to social equity, mobility and sustainability/resiliency are accomplished. One major goal of the Plan is to convert the SFSU campus from one that is principally commuter-based to one that is primarily residential.