Claremont University Consortium

The Claremont Colleges, located 35 miles east of Los Angeles, is a consortium of five undergraduate liberal arts colleges and two graduate institutions reminiscent of the Oxford-Cambridge model. Each college is independent in that, for example, students receive their degrees from the one college in which they are enrolled, and administration and admissions departments are independent. However, large or expensive facilities and programs are shared. The purpose of the consortium is to provide the specialization, flexibility and personal attention commonly found in a small college, with the resources of a large university.

PLANNING: Campus/Land Use Planning
Advised the administration and Board of the Consortium, which represents all seven Claremont Colleges, for more than three years on land use and related matters. Developed the first consolidated framework plan, which merged all seven campus plans, to highlight opportunities and constraints, as well as lead to several large multi-college shared development agreements.